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Dora – Drivers Online Risk Assessment is an online driving risk assessment, designed for companies that want to risk assess and educate employees that drive as part of their job. Dora allows you to buy credits (a username and password), which you can distribute to employees, who can then take the Dora assessment by clicking the green button on the upper right of this page.

Starting the assessment is simple – each employee simply enters their assigned username and password, and the assessment starts.


What You Can Do With Dora

What You Can Do With Dora

Quickly & Easily Identify Your Low, Medium and High Risk Drivers

Uncover The Real Reason Why A Driver Is Considered At Risk

Provide A Clear Assessment Benchmark For All Your Drivers

Gain Useful Insights With Intuitive Reports For All Drivers Who Have Taken The Dora Assessment

Key Features

Dora Key Features:

  • Receive 3 FREE assessment credits when your sign up, which is free and takes less than 1 minute to get started
  • Dora takes around 20 minutes for an employee to complete online
  • Buy up to 1,000 credits. One credit = one assessment
  • Enjoy a simple yet highly intuitive Admin Login to manage assessments and view reports

Admin (Manager) Login – Key Features:

  • Have a record of all drivers who have taken the assessment
  • Segment drivers based on risk
  • Drill down on an employees responses to questions, to identify what makes them the risk they are
  • Produce detailed downloadable reports and results by driver
  • Download a certificate for each employee who has taken the assessment

Dora - Receive Your Free 3 Credits

Bottom Description Two

Here are just a few questions, which your employees will be asked on the Dora assessment. Carefully thought out by highly experienced advanced driving instructors, these questions cover current attitudes to driving, dealing with emergency situations, driving history, age and level of experience. The questions Dora asks, and the weighting applied to each question, gives a highly accurate indication of the drivers real world road risk.